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Raise money for your fundraising campaign through the power of your anonymous data.

Join our data collective now and raise an instant $10, then get another $10 for every friend or family member who supports you!


“Tired of big companies using your data for profit? Use yours for good” - Mashable


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We know that fundraising can be hard. That’s why we’re here.

We provide a free, quick, and easy way to exceed your fundraising goals and take control of your data at the same time!

How it works:

Donating your anonymous shopping history is easy and will raise up to $30 per year for a cause of your choice, for free.

Fig. 1: The REAL shopping history of one of our founders. (Hint: you can tell he likes grooming...)

When you shop online, you generate data about your online shopping history. This data is a valuable resource you own!

Just how valuable is your data? Well, big tech companies are getting rich on it. But it’s your data, and you have a right to do what you want with it!

Fig. 2: Our lightweight and secure extension.

We make it possible for you to turn your anonymous online shopping history into a cash donation to Auburn University Dance Marathon. Simply add our secure browser extension, and everytime you shop, anonymous data will be shared with us.

Fig. 3: You, raising money for charity and taking control of your data at the same time.

After you join our data collective, you can raise $10 instantly by syncing your past Amazon purchases, and you earn periodic dividends over time based on how much data you contribute to the collective.

Fig. 4: Your custom landing page to share with friends and family!

You’ll also raise $10-$30 for your campaign for each person you refer. After you donate, we create a unique donation page that you can share with your friends and family to support your campaign.

“I raised $160 for my Dance Marathon campaign with 30 minutes of effort. Every dancer should sign up for Data Does Good!”

- Jordyn D.,

Northwestern University

Dance Marathon Participant 2018

More than 250,000 people participate in Dance Marathons each year. If every dancer donated their data and referred one friend, we could raise over $5 million for charitable causes every year! 😍

Our promise:

Your shopping information is only used to reveal general online shopping trends for brands.

That means your data is kept 100% anonymous, private, and secure.

All shopping history we receive is totally anonymous. We do not collect or store any personal information, like name or address, in connection with your shopping history.

Anonymity. We do not collect any personal information, like name or address, with your shopping history.

You will never receive any targeted advertisements or spam as a result of joining. The only information we share is to help brands better understand shopping trends.

Privacy. You will never receive any targeted advertisements or spam as a result of joining.

All potentially sensitive information is protected using three layers of security. We stay ahead of best practices in the industry.

Security. All potentially sensitive information is protected using three layers of security.


data does good

We believe you own your data, and want to help you do good with it.

That’s why we’ve invented a way for you to donate your data.

We’re partnering with some of the top fundraising events in the country, like Northwestern University Dance Marathon and Susan G.Komen!

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About Auburn University Dance Marathon

Auburn University's Dance Marathon (AUDM) is the celebration of a year long fundraising campaign for the patients and families at the Children’s Hospital at Midtown Medical Center at Columbus Regional Health. The year long fundraising campaign culminates with a 14 hour Dance Marathon to celebrate every life saved and every dollar raised! In their seventh year, AUDM has a goal of raising over $658,000 for the kids.

This year, AUDM and DataDoesGood are teaming up to help dancers exceed their fundraising goal in an innovative way: by allowing people to “donate their data.” Each “data donation” is anonymous, secure, and will raise anywhere from $10-$30 toward a dancer’s fundraising goal.

For more information about AUDM, visit http://www.audancemarathon.com/

Don’t let your data just sit there.

Donate it for Auburn University Dance Marathon!

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